Alton Towers Hotel

What it is? Alton Towers is a theme park and resort. The current Resort includes the Theme Park, Alton Towers Hotel, Splash Landings Hotel, Waterpark, Spa, Golf and Conference Centre. At the Alton Towers Hotel  there… Lees verder

Creatief zijn kun je leren!

Bij creatief zijn denk ik nogal gauw aan knippen, plakken, schilderen en tekenen. Wat nou als je geen van alle echt kunt? Maak je geen zorgen, creatief zijn is namelijk veel meer dan… Lees verder

Rent from a friend

what it is? Rent from a friend is an online platform where you can rent and hire. Whether you want to rent a house, a hammer drill, a snowboard or a party tent… Lees verder

My medicine

What it is? My Medicine is an app that helps you to manage your medical data, and your medication intake schedule. This is not only an app for medicine users, anyone can use… Lees verder


What it is? This is a multi-user game. Presented to you on a big LED screen in Eindhoven. Why it’s cool? It is cool because there’s a mobile web application for your smartphone.… Lees verder