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Favourite meeting places

Favourite meeting places, that’s what shopping is all about nowadays. It’s all about experiences and meet other people. You don’t go to a store, just to buy a jacket or shoes. No, it’s… Lees verder

Is this our future?!

Plurality is a short movie from director Dennis Liu. This is a concept piece about a futuristic New York where every handrail and wall can read your genetic material, rendering credit cards and… Lees verder

Sometimes, security cameras catch something totally different

Favorite worst feedback

Ireland’s creative community had united to create a series of witty A3 posters that are inspired by their “favorite worst feedback” from clients. Advertisig executives, designers, illustrators, animators and directors were invited to… Lees verder


It is a little hard for me, as a vegetarian, to smile on a design proposal about pig farming. But i think this is an innovative way of thinking. Dutch design firm MRVDV developed… Lees verder


A while ago I was at the Kamasutra Fair. The sexualisation of society was clearly reflected. Women and men who walk around naked and “inspire” each other sexually. I wondered: WHY?! For example, “50… Lees verder

Function follows beauty

I went to the graduation show at the dutch design week in Eindhoven. I saw the project of the French designer Mathieu Frossard. He presented his series of objects ‘Function follows Beauty’ as… Lees verder