The invisible helmet

Cyclists are vulnerable in traffic. This is why it’s required to wear a helmet in different countries. Not everybody wears a helmet because it’s not fashionable or comfortable. A new Swedish invention means… Lees verder

Magical Mint



Portable x-ray machine.

Nowadays, care is very expensive. One of the biggest challenges of the coming decades is to keep care affordable. One possible solution: a portable X-ray device. It’s not only much cheaper to produce,… Lees verder


There appears to be no end in sight to the gamification trend, and we’ve already seen examples of the concept applied to everything from Fitness to home energy metering to the treatment of depression. The… Lees verder

Smart Shower

Hansgrohe Rainbrain’s smart shower has a touchpad screen letting you control water temperature, the type of stream you’d like to stand under, pressure setting, comfort features and even lighting and music. And you can… Lees verder


                If you live in the fast track (trend: stressed society) you’ll appreaciate the multi-taskability built   into this invention. Instead of bringing your life to… Lees verder


The smile alarm clock has face recognition sensors that turn off the alarm only if you give it a bright sunny smile; no half-smiles will do! What a positive way to begin your… Lees verder

energy-effective lounge chair

eco-friendly ideas continue to save our energy and resources, and it’s great when such things are stylish in design.                 This is a lounge chair where… Lees verder