Spring/Summer 2013


urban farmers apps

Nothing shouts ‘traditional’ as urban farming does. Actively trying to pull away from our digital world, it encourages people to roll up their sleeves and start getting their precious typing hands dirty. An… Lees verder

Food Forest

A forest in the midst of a turbulent, roaring city; it sounds like something from an amazing dream, but in Seattle it soon will be quite real. With the self-sustaining Food Forest, Seattle… Lees verder

We’re all trying to make sense..

We’re all trying to make sense of our lives and there’s great comfort in knowing you’re not alone. And you’re not. Everyone you walk past is going through challenges in their life. Maybe… Lees verder


Bottom-up, open data, open source, open design, co-creation, crowd-sourcing. The last years have been marked by a trend of openness that’s driven by the geeky side of Internet culture, and driven further by… Lees verder

High Art

Virgin Atlantic has recently announced to open art galleries on airplanes. Teaming up with British street artist Eine, the ‘Gallery in the Air’ collaboration aims to bring art at 35,000 feet. The passengers of the… Lees verder

suitcase symphony

There is music in everything around you. A Dutch designer Jeriel Bobbe has created the “suitcase symphony” using several rearrangeable wooden panels that each features a ridges surfaces. Use your trolley suitcase as… Lees verder

Clothing with touchscreens

Clothing with touchscreens is a great innovation. We have already seen the flexible touchscreens. Under Armour is a manufacture that used this techniques in sportswear. It will change the way we sport forever.… Lees verder

Zelfrijdende auto

De auto werkt niet op GPS, maar herkent eerder gereden routes. De bestuurder kan op wegen die hij of zij vaak aflegt ervoor kiezen om de auto de besturing te laten overnemen.