The suitroller is probably the first product on the market with anti-crease, technology inside. It was invented and developed by the Teun van der Laan. It is a stylish, clever roll-case, engineered to… Lees verder

Let’s add some fun to your work!

Gamification is the application of game thinking and game techniques in non-gaming environments. Gamification can be used to implement game elements to motivate employees and enrich their experience. The principle of gamification is… Lees verder

The navigate jacket

              A Sydney-based fashion and technology company, Wearable Experiments, has created the Navigate jacket that comes with a GPS unit built into the sleeves.  Designer Billie Waterhouse said… Lees verder

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

At the gym, you might log on to your personal mywellness cloud account on the Technogym web-connected machines to automatically access your training data, programmes, entertainment options and preferences while working out – all while… Lees verder

mywellness cloud

The key to wellness

What it is? mywellness key is a portable device that measures how much a person moves in one day. The user can always wear at home, at work, in the gym and in… Lees verder

Smartphone book!

This book giving its users the ability to text while taking notes, the Phone + Book by KBme2 is the perfect stationary essential for the tech-obsessed student. Apart from encouraging mobile communication, this… Lees verder

Throw & Grow

Dutch gift store Niko Niko offers the long-awaited alternative for throwing rice into people’s faces at weddings: seeds! Throw & Grow confetti is beautiful and grows wildflowers to boot at the same time. Niko Niko… Lees verder

Nike’s augmented football pitch

Over the last years, Nike had several campaigns that have proven that the sportswear brand seems to take its role in the urban environment seriously. About a month ago Nike launched another concept in… Lees verder

Student Housing

Swedish architecture firm Tengbom have designed an innovative, sustainable and extremely compact solution for student housing. The small houses can easily be moved around, which makes the concept flexible and easy to implement on… Lees verder