The Braille Phone

For many people, smartphones are an indispensable part of their lives: Email, games, music, a camera. These are all instantly accessible wherever you go. But not everyone can fully enjoy the benefits of a smartphone. For the visually impaired, a lot of the convenience of a smartphone is lost. DrawBraille may be the future smartphone for the visually impaired.

The DrawBraille phone is made up of two sides and offers a rich set of features. The left side is the display. It includes over two hundred mechanical dots in combinations of six that can display Braille characters for the user to read. The design also offers thirty five individual dot configurations and a page-scrolling button to the left of the display region.

The input area offers twenty touch-sensitive squares and is located on the right. It allows the user to select the corresponding text from the left by sliding, lifting and pressing a finger along the squares.

The DrawBraille includes five dots along the side of the device that indicate battery life. Each dot representing 20 percent of the battery’s maximum capacity. Additional features include email, music and even an eBook reader. It can even add and search for your contact list.