Sleeping under the stars

You’d be hard pressed to find a single person who hasn’t laid back and enjoyed the night sky. This creative design capitalizes on our very human curiosity with the stars, mimicking the twinkling starlight, outdoor noise and even scents to create a therapeutic and relaxing space to sleep. Whether it’s too cold outside or you’re just trying to avoid creepy night crawlers, Our physiology is sensitive to the starry night, too.

We’re more likely to sleep under a glow of street lights piercing our blinds than any starlight. But Russian designer Natalia Rumanyantseva imagines the Cosmos Bed,” a model of the future of sleep.

The “roof” of the Cosmos Bed is peppered with LED lights that look exactly like a peaceful blanket of stars. The lights are tuned to therapeutic sensations, and an aromatic dispenser softens sleep even more.