The Plate Cooker is intended for busy working folks who can’t spend much time on cooking.
According to the research conducted by the designer, people tended to heat the frozen foods in the microwave to pack as lunch and if they heated all the food at once, some dishes were left cold. This Plate Cooker allows you to warm up various foods together all at once and easily cook simple meals in an efficient way.

The Plate Cooker was designed by Ranhee Chung and for the most part, looks like a George Foreman grill. Instead of including grills on the inside to cook your meals, it contains multiple compartments that are able to hold meat, soup, veggies, rice or anything else you normally eat for dinner.

Having to reheat individual portions of a meal can be time consuming and can cause one portion to lose its heat, so something like the Plate Cooker would be a welcome addition to any food reheater’s home.

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