Foodzy is a service that makes you able to keep track of everything you eat and drink. It is a personal food journal. With the app and the website Foodzy turned this into a live activity stream and real time dashboards to show you how your day looked, and where you could do better. They encourage healthy habits by awarding badges and bonuses for eating good foods like fruits, fibre, water & vegetables or eating varied. In order to keep it fun, Foodzy has an attractive design and game elements.

Find products
This app will only show you products that are available in you home country. If a product isn’t listed in our database yet, you can easily add it yourself in your own language. Once you start using Foodzy more often, you will notice all of your favorite products will automatically appear on top of the search results.

Bits & Calories
Foodzy keeps track of the calories you eat, but we translate these amounts to ‘bits’. 1 Bit = 20 calories. An average female should eat about 100 Bits per day, an average male about 150.

Weight & Excercise
Foodzy users that own a Fitbit pedometer or Withings scale are able to connect their user accounts to Foodzy. This way you will be able to automatically update your weight every day and show you how many Bits you’ve already burned today.

In the end, Foodzy is not about losing weight or keeping track of calories. By seeing what types of products you eat most, how much you drink, but also by connecting hardware devices like the Withings scale and Fitbit, you are able to start monitoring your full health and well-being all in one place and ultimately, change it for the better. So, this is a great app that will support you to improve your quality of life.