The navigate jacket

Navigate - walking image








A Sydney-based fashion and technology company, Wearable Experiments, has created the Navigate jacket that comes with a GPS unit built into the sleeves. 

Designer Billie Waterhouse said inspiration for the Navigate jacket came from apps such as Foursquare, online and printed city guides and local maps.

The idea of the Navigate is to use wearable technology in a way that makes navigation more intuitive. The user no longer has to constantly stare down at an LCD display, or, heaven forbid, a big, limp map.
As the wearer walks, drives or cycles, either the left or right sleeve vibrates to tell them which way to turn. If the turning is on the left, the left shoulder of the jacket vibrates, and vice versa if the turning is on the right.

The technology built into the jacket is subtle and unobtrusive and most importantly for this target market, the design is appealing. The product photos look nothing like typical consumer electronics ads and more like high fashion photo shoots.