“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

At the gym, you might log on to your personal mywellness cloud account on the Technogym web-connected machines to automatically access your training data, programmes, entertainment options and preferences while working out – all while automatically syncing your workout data onto your account for reference anywhere, anytime. You can easily make this account online.

You might have the Technogym mywellness key, which tracks your daily movements. This key is a portable device that measures how much a person moves in one day. The user can always wear it. For example at home, at work, in the gym and in his spare time. This key uploads this movements onto your mywellness cloud account via your PC.

So far, so good. What if you wanted to monitor your weight, muscle mass and body fat in order to keep track of your body’s progress?

It’s possible to insert your body and weight measurements manually on your mywellness cloud account, but now these can also be automatically updated daily through our new partnership with Withings, manufacturers of next-generation smart body monitors. Withings’ internet-connected, accurate Smart Body Analyser sends your body measurements straight into the Withings Health Cloud, which stores your data for easy access via web or mobile apps.

This means that apart from tracking your daily moves and workouts, you can also measure your progress via weight loss or gain, muscles built and amount of body fat lost!