The key to wellness

What it is?
mywellness key is a portable device that measures how much a person moves in one day. The user can always wear at home, at work, in the gym and in his spare time.

An easy walk to a training session, it provides immediate visual feedback in normal daily activities or exercises in the gym. The display shows the amount of daily exercise marked by a growing white bar.
In this way, users always face their progress, and they are more motivated to participate a healthier and more active lifestyle.

How to use it?
mywellness key set daily goals based on lifestyle and personal parameters. The unit in which the daily movement is expressed, called Move.
The more intense the exercise, the higher the number of moves. So, the more moves, visible on the display of the mywellness ® key, the more the user becomes motivated to exercise and achieve the objectives set.
Users can have a better view of their daily or weekly activities. They can download the results of the mywellnes key and go to the website; They can also compare their results with other users, to compete with each other and create rankings.

Why it’s cool?
mywellness ® key is important for those who want to loose weight, stay young and wants to stay activ, but it also can be a program for diabetes patients.
By using this tool in daily life users feel motivated and supported to move. They become more  aware of their lifestyle and they reach their personal goals.
This will improve their quality of life because they lose weight and get healthier, wich is important to do whatever you want and enjoy life to the fullest.