Nike’s augmented football pitch

Over the last years, Nike had several campaigns that have proven that the sportswear brand seems to take its role in the urban environment seriously. About a month ago Nike launched another concept in Madrid: an on-demand laser beam installation that turns any public space into a street football pitch where you can play a five-agains-five match.

The #mipista campaign, launched by Nike Football Spain, enables street football players to request a pop-up pitch with their smartphones in six different neighborhoods across the Spanish capital. After the order has been made, a team of specialists drives to the location with a laser system and a crane. The laser beams create an augmented football pitch. 

It’s interesting to see how a brand like Nike combines its ordinary objectives with true pop-up urbanism. This is cool because the technology could inspire many city governments when it comes to creating innovative and flexible urban sports infrastructure. Afbeelding