urban farmers apps

Nothing shouts ‘traditional’ as urban farming does. Actively trying to pull away from our digital world, it encourages people to roll up their sleeves and start getting their precious typing hands dirty.

An app specifically for the Dutch market is Stadse Boeren (‘Urban Farmers’), available for both iPhone and Android. As the name suggests, this app is more focused on the urban farming trend. It not only shows a list of great urban farming related events in your area (with the option to put them in your phone calendar), but it also has an extensive barter section, where people can trade their urban farmed crops for those of others. Even the peer-to-peer economy seems to rear its head!It’s easy to get into contact with other avid urban farmers and exchange tips and tricks, discuss crops and plants and find local initiatives to meet up at. Hopefully, the digital nature  of this trend within urban farming will be embraced instead of averted, for we think it could boost its popularity immensely.