Favourite meeting places

Favourite meeting places, that’s what shopping is all about nowadays. It’s all about experiences and meet other people. You don’t go to a store, just to buy a jacket or shoes. No, it’s about more than that.  It’s the place to be instead of the place to buy. the idea behind the shopping of the future is driven by the changing society. Compared with 15 years ago there is a new kind of shopping audience. The products and brands are changed and the way of shopping is completely different.
People want more. They want entertainment, exclusivity and a special focus on the customer.

For example; BOXPARK, world’s firs pop-up mall. BOXPARK is constructed of stripped, and refitted shipping containers, to create unique, low cost, low risk, ‘box shops’. Filled with a unique mix of international fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries and cafés.

BOXPARK is not some run-of-the-mall shopping centre. It’s a living, fertile community of brands packed with talent, innovation and attitude that puts creativity and fashion back where they belong: on the street.

BOXPARK isn’t just where you shop. It’s a place to drop in and hang out. It’s what a real brand experience should be all about.