Bring the outside inside with the stripped light.

This light “Stripped” is a design by Floris Wubben, a Dutch industrial designer. A organic floor lamp, it brings a touch of nature into the home by way of a single branch. The light fixture was made from a single long branch. From the stripped bark still attached to the top of the light and spiralling out to form the warm lampshade to the split bottom that create a three-legged base. It is an honest product, in which the natural form of the tree branch has been kept as much as possible.

Bring the outside inside
In today’s chaotic world a sense of peace and harmony is more important than ever. Our environment has a considerable impact on how we think and feel and the right surroundings have the ability to help us relax, rest and refocus.
A way to create a naturally comfortable and serene environment is to think about getting more in touch with nature and thats what more and more people do.