A glass full of grass

What it is?

Triticum aestivum or the wheat plant is a crop with multifarious benefits. Not only does it serve as a protein rich cereal, the cotyledons of the plants are utilized in the production of nutritionally charged food, wheat grass. Learning about its health benefits, one is prone to the opinion that the grass is actually greener on the nutritional side of wheat grass. Going to a juice bar, a shot of wheat grass sets you back with 2 to 4 dollars. We’ll show you the way to homegrown wheat grass and crush it into a glassful of health for just about 2 to 8 cents! Now that’s good health for the wallet too.

You will begin by soaking the seeds to enable them to sprout. Then on day two, the seeds would want spreading on soil gathered in a mid-sized dish with closed ends. Once spread, cover the seeds with newspaper and soak. Let it remain overnight in this fashion which will conclude the dark growing stage. Uncover the seeds which should have, by now, become saplings. Expose them to sun until they achieve decent height with fresh green hue and viola! you’ve homegrown your wheat grass.

N indoor hydroponic garden

Why it’s cool?

Using the apparatus, you don’t have to worry about soaking, water, shade or sun! Simply by feeding the seeds along with water, fertilizer, you can easily grow wheat grass without the traditional hassles of soil-growing. This is a new, easier way to do it yourself. It also fits into the trend ‘urban farming’. People make things at home so it’s cheaper, healthier and eco-friendly.