the better coat

Rainy season becomes a major trouble for people who have to move on and travel a lot. Umbrellas can’t protect you completely and raincoats hinder your vision and often making you feel uncomfortable. FreeVision is designed by Cai Zhou Zhou Yimin Yu Liang. It is an innovative raincoat that would reduce the risks of wearing raincoats in rainy seasons.
This strip can be fixed with the ear, which makes rain hat opening area follow the head rotation without blocking eyes. The raincoat cap has got ear clips, which can be hung on the ear with the head fixed. The elastic rubber strip has got bonding points, slip points as well as a bonding button. This creation will reduce the risk of people tripping on a rainy day.

Why it’s cool?
I think this is cool because urban nomads are working travelers and are continuing moving. This is just an easier way to keep yourself dry and safe which is an important thing these days because of global warming and a lot of traffic in the city, for example on your way to work.