Keep it hot hot hot!

What it is?
Keeping a packed lunch warm and heating food on the go is quite a challenge for weight watchers, office workers and people who prefer home cooking. The Papilla Creative Food Carrying & Heating Concept by designer Burcin Ceren Olcum is one of the most practicable concepts out there that offers the kind of functionality and ease of use that people on the go need. Papilla is a creative food carrying and battery powered heating concept with USB compatibility It supports healthy eating and bringing nutritious food anywhere desired in a quick and easy way. The USB compatible cord can be simply plugged into a CPU or a laptop and draws power to recharge its batteries.


Why it’s cool?
This is cool because the Papilla allows users to reheat a packed lunch using rechargeable batteries which saves energy and allows users to reheat their packed meals right at their workstation.This is a new, innovative way of packaging food. Urban nomads are traveling a lot and want to eat whenever they like. Their mostly don’t work from 9 till 5 and like to eat a fast and healthy meal (slow-fast food), even if their outside the door. There are also a lot of overweight people nowadays and they can bring their own food with them and reach their goal.