My medicine

What it is?

My Medicine is an app that helps you to manage your medical data, and your medication intake schedule.
This is not only an app for medicine users, anyone can use it for his or her “personal medical records” . You will always have your medical information close at hand, home and abroad. 

There´s also a search function on this app that will help you find the nearest hospital or pharmacy immediately.
With the alert, you will never forget to take your medicine.
The journal button will help you to keep a record of how you feel on a daily basis. This information can be emailed to your specialist.
You can also send an email when there´s an emergency. You send your personal data directly to the hospital or specialist.
The telephone numbers for your docter and others are automatically stored under the ´call´ button in med contacts, so it´s easier to make an appointment because you don´t have to look up a phone number.


Why it´s cool?

It’s cool because people are so bizzy these days, they don’t have time to think about taking medicine on the right time and this app makes it easier. Because of Web 2.0 people can interact with eachother and it´s also associated with web applications. My medicine is also connected with Web 2.0 because people share their personal medical records with others. This app allow users to do more than just retrieve information.